Make your event sustainable and have a green badge.

How it works

4 steps to make your event sustainable

4 steps to make your event sustainable
Calculate the carbon footprint of your event easily and assertively.

Our calculator provides accurate calculation and a simplified approach. Before the event, we request essential information for estimates. After the event, we reviewed the data and presented a detailed analysis of the emissions associated with it.

Positively impact your brand

Minimize negative impacts that may occur on the environment and generate a positive impact for the community and public involved.

Positioning yourself on the path to sustainability

Events with a green badge offer competitive advantages to your company and contribute to sustainable development objectives. Descarbonize helps your event to have a green seal, offsetting part or total of its emissions.

Credits certified in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Your event will be certified with credits audited and issued by the United Nations (UN).

Types of stamp for your event
Event Climate Friendly

These are events that only have part of their CO2 emissions offset. However, having part of the carbon footprint offset is not bad, because it shows that the organization is already mature when it comes to sustainability. In addition to helping to position the brand, having an emissions offset certificate also helps educate the public about climate issues.

Event Carbon Neutral

These are events that have their CO2 emissions fully compensated. In other words, the entire event and also the public. We calculate all impacts from the organization to the presence and movement of the public to access the event.

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When compensating your event with Decarbonize you will have a series of actions and materials available to engage and educate your audience.

We offer personalized features that make your event interactive.

Discover our benefits so that your event becomes more sustainable!

Events that we have already offset

Copa Davis
Empreende Brazil
Le Wagon
Engie Day
Copa Davis
Empreende Brazil
Le Wagon
Engie Day
Calculate your event’s emissions

Do you want to offset your event's greenhouse gas emissions and position yourself as a brand on the path to becoming sustainable?

We have a team specialized in event calculation with more than 5 years of experience in Brazil and Europe and who are available to answer all your questions.

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